Prop.Exchange, powered by TrueMarketValue, is a digital auction platform for trading commercial real estate properties; it's where supply meets demand. The purpose of this digital tool is to effeciently trade properties at the true market value - and in a time effecient manner.

The challenge we are solving

  • The property valuation is uncertain; there are only few relevant comparables
  • The running costs are a burden - taxes, reporting, maintenance, security, etc.
  • Selling has been time consuming and frustrating - no easy solutions existed before, without compromising good governance

Our solution in 3 easy steps

  1. Preparations - due diligence material/essential documents and the SPA are added to our data room
  2. Marketing – in newspaperrs and virtually
  3. Digital auction –  divestment by Dutch Auction on Prop.Exchange

The Dutch auction is characterized by a descending price, starting at index 100 and e.g. decrease 1 point every weekday at noon until a bidder accepts the price offered or until seller decides to take the property off the market. Once a bidder accepts a price offered, the bidder has 2 business days to sign the purchase offfer/SPA and pay a reasonable deposit. If the bidder fails to performhe becomesdisqualified from this and future auctions - and the auction will resume for everybody else. Interested bidders can can access relevant data, drawings, and the applicable contracts after log-on and qualification for the auction.

The value for sellers

  • It's very time efficient
  • Determines and documents the true market value
  • Sales complexity, costs, and time are significantly reduced

The value for buyers

  • All buyers have access to the same information
  • The auction takes out the "bluffing" of the negotiation
  • No bias or disadvantages due to a lacking relationship


For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Allan Kehlet Rieck
Founder and CEO

+45 21 79 01 59



“Prop.Exchange helped us sell a property in Italy. We had tried to sell the property via usual channels before without success and we are therefore thankful for Prop.Exchange’s digital platform and innovative effort which facilitated an efficient sale of our facility.”

Claus Wirries, CEO of Kelvion S.r.l. (Formerly GEA Heat Exchangers Group)


“Maximizing the value whilst maintaining corporate goals – that’s what a CRE Manager has to achieve. We highly appreciated a clean and transparent process for both the potential buyers and internal stakeholders. “

Thomas Glatte
Group Real Estate & Facility Management, BASF