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58099 Hagen, Germany

Property type: Logistics building with office and storage areas and three residential buildings

The property: The property comprises a 1- to 2-story office and warehouse building and three 3-story apartment buildings arranged as follows

• Feldmühlenstrasse 9 - residential building with 3 units
• Feldmühlenstrasse 11 - residential building with 3 units
• Feldmühlenstrasse 13 - residential building with 3 units
• Feldmühlenstrasse 15 - office and warehouse building

Between the houses, there is a garage with nine parking spaces. At the back of the site is a disused railway siding.

The commercial building was built around 1964 and expanded in 1983. The three similar homes were built in 1964, 1971 and 1974. The garage block was built in 1971.

According to the land register of October 24, 2002, the property covers 10,938 m² (cadastral section 9, plot 730).

The equipment standard of the buildings can be described as simple to typical. The residential buildings are in good condition. Slight damage to the facades of the residential buildings was detected.

Local Plan
The object is located in the area of the development plan "12/61".

The specifications of the development plan are:
• GI (industrial area)
• GRZ 0,7 (70% of the area may be cultivated)
• BMZ 6.0 (6 cubic meters of building mass per square meter of floor space are permitted)

Price determination: The price is found by a Dutch auction. The price will be automatically reduced every working day at 12 o'clock. The first qualified prospective buyer who agrees to receive the right to purchase the property. The basis is the Sales and Purchase Agreement, which you will find on this page in the data room.

Prop.Exchange is a Danish company owned by and specializes in the efficient sale of real estate throughout Europe. The platform lowers the price of the property on each working day until the property is purchased or the seller's minimum price is reached. Prospective buyers must qualify for access to the auction. This qualification is granted after a financial evaluation and verification of business references.

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