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4.195 m2 property for sale

Monvalle, Italy

Former Kelvion S.r.l. site for sale.

The company wishes to divest the property located at Via Ferraris, 3, Monvalle VA, Italy.

The property will be sold on a Dutch auction. The Dutch auction is characterized by a descending price, starting at index 100 the price will decrease by e.g. 1 percentage point on every business day at 12.00 PM until a bidder accepts the price offered or until seller decides to rather keep the property. Once a bidder accepts a price offered, the bidder has 2 business days to sign the Sale and Purchase Agreement and pay a deposit. If the bidder fails to perform, the auction will resume after the 2 business days have passed.

Interested bidders can access all relevant data, drawing and the applicable Sale and Purchase Agreement after registering and qualifying for the auction.

The auction is concluded successfully.