Modern office in Aarhus, Denmark -
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Modern office in Aarhus, Denmark

Danmark, Aarhus N

Modern and presentable office building in Skejby, Aarhus N.

The property was build in 2000 and has both modern and spacious facilities. The property has offers 1.623 m² with 370 m² basement.

The property is made out of two buildings with light passages who combine them well. The ground floor offers several single offices, bathrooms, kitchen, changing room, canteen and an open office that has previously been utilized as a control center for Falck.

The 1st floor has more single offices, an archive, bathrooms and a spacious meeting room.

The maximum build rate is 50%, which allows for the construction of 2,739 sqm. There are thus residual rights of almost 1,000 M2 on the property.

The property is located in Skejby with Aarhus university hospital, Aleris-Hamlet, IBM, Vestas and more as close neighbors. There are good parking-facilities, a garage and an antenna station with a rental income of approximately DKK 136.000.

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